Herb for Pets: Quality life

We have already talked several times about the beneficial and therapeutic effects of herbs for different conditions, diseases and pathologies in humans, but what about our furry friends?

does the use of herbal oil in pets also have positive effects? From here we are going to give you all the necessary information about the effect of the use of herbal oil in our pets and how its use is positive for the memory, the decrease of the pain, to improve the appetite and even the mobility.

The first thing to note is that the use of herbs in pets should be consulted in the first instance with a veterinary professional, as they are the ones who best know the clinical history of our furry friends and that medications prescribed by professionals should never be replaced by herbal oil, as hemp oil in pets is used as an analgesic and soothing which leads to improving the quality of life of pets fighting chronic or degenerative diseases.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that in our pets herb is very dangerous and has such negative effects that can be a cause of death, so when administering herbal oil to our pets we must ensure that these products are 100% free that are very difficult to find or with minimal levels.

Herb for dogs

Dogs are the animal species with the highest amount of CB1 receptors (receptors located in the body, specifically in the central nervous system, kidneys, lungs and liver) so the use of herb in dogs is very beneficial for treatments of inflammation, anxiety, cancer treatments, both epileptic attacks or seizures, skin allergies, stress, arthritis …

Our hairy people also have birthdays and thus have different ailments. One of the cases in which the herb is most used in dogs is in those diagnosed with osteoarthritis, (deterioration of the cartilage that produces lameness and fatigue when standing up).

Herb for pets: cats

Our feline friends are much more delicate than canines when it comes to managing herbs. While dogs can consume it in different formats such as biscuits, feed etc, in cats you can only administer herbs in oil since cats do not tolerate the fibers that the plant may contain.

In our cats health problems are usually symptoms or chronic diseases as a result of age and there have already been cases of cute kittens that with the use of essential oil have improved cardiovascular problems, cancer, hyperthyroidism, seizures, appetite problems, chronic kidney disease, arthritis and inflammation.

We remind you that always as a complement to the treatment that the veterinarian has prescribed and never as a drug or substitute for a drug.

Real cases of the use of herb for pets

Herb for pets – In the USA most veterinarians are very familiar with and supportive of the use of herb for pets while in Spain and other countries all the positive effects are starting to be seen so it has more and more followers and supporters among professionals.

The father of the use of herb in our pets is Dr. Doug Kramer known worldwide as “The Veterinary Guru” who although unfortunately died in 2013, is a legend for being a pioneer in using herb treatments in animals, being a husky with an incurable cancer called Nikita his first patient.

Nikita’s owner, exhausted from trying many treatments without result and seeing the poor quality of life of her pet, consulted her veterinarian about a possible treatment with herbs. The result was that the animal had a remarkable improvement that led her to be even more mobile.

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