About Us

https://www.snootyfoxlive.com advances a cutting-edge as well as lasting news industry by helping authors understand and also engage target markets, grow revenue, improve public-service journalism, as well as be successful at organizational modification.


For freedoms to grow, people require precise information about the issues of civil society and also the disputes over just how to fix them. That calls for an economically sustainable, independent and complimentary press that is vested in the worths of verification and also monitoring the powerful, as well as is devoted to putting people initially, ahead of political intrigue.

To remain sustainable, journalistic organizations need to evolve right into extremely adaptive knowing companies that alter with their target markets. The Snooty Fox Live functions as a scout on the frontier of modern technology and target market actions to identify where modification is taking place and also aiding wire service learn just how to execute and scale that modification effectively so they have a sustainable future.


The Snooty Fox Live is a national nonprofit academic organization associated with the Information Media Alliance. It deals with and also draws on the most effective ideas from any individual working in information publishing and journalism and also any individual interested in its goal of making journalism lasting.

Our four areas of focus

SFL is dedicated to the principle that the publishers that thrive in the 21st century will be those with a deep understanding of rapidly transforming audiences. We have 4 major areas of work that strengthen that focus.

Understanding target markets: We use a mix of specialist research study methods consisting of studies, ethnography, and also human-centered design to research the news and also innovation behaviors of the American public, describe emerging actions, as well as show publishers how to adjust.

We have also developed an exclusive analytics tool Metrics for News that utilizes expert system, professional assessment, as well as one-of-a-kind custom metrics to equip authors to examine as well as boost the manner ins which their web content involves their audiences.

Expanding reader revenue: We research and also experiment on strategies to obtaining more subscriptions as well as viewers earnings to sustain news publishers, including by functioning directly with a diverse team of publishers to trade insights and attempt new strategies based on sophisticated uses of information. Journalism is normally moving far from advertising and marketing support as well as towards visitor assistance, as well as API is helping authors browse that change.

Liability journalism: API has actually been a leader in reviving as well as broadening the fact-checking motion in American political journalism because 2013. Currently, API is leading the community of fact-checkers and accountability reporters toward a much more audience-focused future that fixates building count on as well as knowledge among the general public rather than just combating the claims of political actors.

Sustaining organizational modification and also transformation: It is inadequate to recognize what modifications you need to make in a company. It is crucial to recognize how to effectively apply change methods and what cultural, personal, economic as well as other challenges get in the way.

We do this via various hands-on initiatives, including our collaborate with the Knight Table Risks task, Metrics for News partners who make deep strategic changes, as well as our Changemaker Network that produces a special grassroots version for newsroom makeover.