The MunnyWorld Experiment

As a newcomer Munny artist on the custom plaything figurine scene, Tanya Davis’ first customized Munny, a TRIKKY figurine that looks like a steampunk anthropomorphic feline is currently on screen at the Guzu Gallery in Austin, Texas.

Why so many various techniques to making art?

I use numerous art mediums since it maintains me from getting bored. Additionally I find that a person type of process notifies the other and so I can mingle my understanding of, for example, architecture and paint, which I make use of with each other to develop clay sculptures.

Tell me about your first experience producing a customized doll:

In 2012 I was gift-shopping for my little cousin that was twelve. She likes arts and crafts and also I figured a number of the little munnies would certainly be a fun job for her. So while I got a couple of 2 inch ones for her, I proceeded and obtained myself a 4 inch TRIKKY. The Trikky sat on the flooring patiently awaiting two months before I also took it out of the box.

You see, I have this aspect of not wishing to try something brand-new till I prepare since if I ruin then I have lost the materials and also I did not want to make a lousy customization on a $10 plastic version.

Also I was preparing to make my debut art show for my polymer clay Steampunk Buddies that wintertime, and wanted to provide the first Munny doll my full attention.

My Trikky customized is constructed from polymer clay and also tinted with acrylic paint. I made use of the normal commercial Steampunk Origins style that I utilize on the majority of my porcelain figurines. One admirer informed me it resembled a Steampunk Hi Feline.

You have actually also developed a Sea Creature from a Foomi type munny doll. What passionate you make it?

I should admit, it is extremely different from my usual design. It is a dream creature that has numerous aspects from various aquatic life all rolled right into one. It was very speculative and also a spontaneous development.

The big fish mouth provides it a pouty look. My losing among the arms of the doll caused my very first sculpting of arms. It is an excellent method since I intend to experiment with an octopus like layout in the near future.

The Foomi sea animal was likewise my first use Super Sculpey, and also I uncovered it was easily flexible and less sticky than the typical polymer clays I utilize.

The clay was a light beige shade, so all the colors you see in the photo picture were included by my paint the figurine. The painting is a thing I am finding out to have persistence with. Perhaps I will need to find out to service 2 at a time in order to have something else to do while awaiting one coat to dry.

What has your experience with the MunnyWorld neighborhood been like?

I have received wonderful support as well as feedback from the Munny community. There are a lot of innovative artists working with their very own custom dolls. They influence me as well as likewise offer me great deals of great responses and guidance.

That is excellent, aside from the inspiration – do you ever obtain any irritating statements concerning your Munny numbers?

I have had a person ask me if I can make a porcelain figurine smaller and cheaper. This is possibly the most annoying comment due to the fact that for the amount of initiative and also the high quality of materials that go into making them, they are currently at the lowest price points I can manage.

It is understandable that people want to get a bargain, however they need to bear in mind that these are hand-made artworks and also not some kind of mass-produced thing from a production line.

What can we expect to see from you in your future Munny modifications?

I have an initial Munny type lined up to end up being a steampunky-Cthulhu type character; that is unless I decide to make it something else right in the middle of producing it.

I have an organic procedure of letting the porcelain figurine type of choose what it will be. Comparable to the amount of timber carvers and various other subtractive artists function, just in reverse. I am including in it as well as the procedure will certainly produce itself.

I have a 2.5 inch Foomi form (smaller version of the Sea Animal’s base), which I might just apply a Zentangle style to. Additionally I have a robot form, which is not MunnyWorld brand however an additional Do It Yourself personalized toy.

It is the Android mascot for Google’s mobile system of the very same name. I have not decided what I will make with it yet, yet it gets on the rack waiting to be changed.

Via Kickstarter I have actually enjoyed developers produce their very own playthings as well as I have actually been contacted by an ambitious new plaything developer which I might do a cooperation task with.

If this exercises, I will certainly have my payments showed at a Designer Con as well as obtain my name out there along with it. I am holding back information because this is still in the settlement stage. There are several possibilities in this tool, which is contributing to my overall portfolio. I may also have a couple of plastic based numbers at my next showcase.

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