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Booking Info

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There are 3 different deals availiable for bands playing at the snooty fox Please pick one when booking your show.

The Door Take

If you are confident your band can bring enough people, this deal will be for you. You run the door ,You take the money and you Keep ALL the money.

The Til Take

You'll get 10% of the bar takings from 8pm to 11pm Sundays til 10.30pm

The DVD Deal

Basically you play for the dvd, if you get 35 drinking people in to watch you its free, its free entry when you have this deal, be aware if you dont get 35 drinking people in here is a charge of £50 for the dvd, you do not have to pay this, if you decide NOT to have the dvd, that would be your choice, however you would NOT get anything else, as you have chosen the dvd, with this deal you get seen live on the internet via video streaming, this is free with the dvd deal, unless you are a tribute band which cannot be streamed because of copyright and broadcasting law, for more information about the DVD deal and the DVD promo video click here.



All PA and Lighting equipment is provided by the Snooty Fox and ONLY snooty fox engineers can operate this equipment, this is in obedience with council rules for live music in Wakefield, and for insurance purposes. All bands be aware, we do not book bands that are playing locally within 2 weeks either side of the gig that is wanted.

Be aware if you do not send the booking in form and deposit within 2 weeks from asking for this gig we reserve the right to give the date to another band, to ensure we have a band in the date, this also applys to sending posters, if they dont arrive within 1 month PRIOR to the gig date.

Please fill in the booking in form found here. there is a deposit to pay (which you get back in cash on the night you play) this is £50 paid by cheque or paypal

By playing at The Snooty Fox you are giving us rights to record and broadcast/post your live preformace online. Please let us know on the night you play or prior to the gig if you don't want us to use your live show this way, bare in mind this is also free promotion for your band.

If you have any questions contact Malcolm Shipman [Landlord/Sound engineer] Tel: 01924 782929 Mob: 07989508963 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it